Profitable Total Loss Management

ProgiPix is a profitable, sustainable program for the sale of total loss vehicles, including all types of salvage and theft recovery units.

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Total Loss Management

The process:

  • Vehicle assignment
    by the insurance company to ProgiPix.

  • Towing and storage
    of the unit by the nearest ProgiPix member.

  • Bidding period
    once the vehicle is settled with the insured.

  • Sale
    to the highest bidder.

  • Payment
    of the unit to the insurer.

ProgiPix processus


Various measures minimize administrative costs: no towing and storage fees*, lowest administration fees on the market, quick pick-up of vehicles to keep pay out costs low.

ProgiPix also has the most active buyers for all types of salvage (model/year/branding), contributing to high returns.

* Restrictions may apply.

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Useful Feedback

Sales statistics and online reports are provided to analyze performance and returns. Comparisons with the provincial average are also shown.

Periodic meetings with Progi managers help assess profitability and operations.


All our recyclers are members of their provincial association, which ensures the management of all salvage material will be done according to a strict code of ethics and environmental standards. Units are stored in secured compounds.

With over 25 years of experience, Progi’s dedicated customer service is also a valuable asset.

Industry Sustainability

Our sales model, in addition to improving the availability of recycled parts on the market, discourages car theft. Together, we can decrease car theft, thus helping to avoid unwanted settlement costs.

Online Portal for Adjusters

An online access allows real-time monitoring of all vehicles, with file status and required actions if applicable. Email notifications also keep the claim adjusters informed in case of problems.

Progi’s bilingual customer service is also readily available to help settle problems.

Status ProgiPix


Lowest fees on the market. No towing and storage fees for 90 days (applicable conditions).

Excel reports sent regularly by email. Web access for managers with real-time data.

Online tool for claims representatives and total loss adjusters. Vehicle file with details on sale progression.

Avoid double-entry by submitting service requests to ProgiPix right from ClaimCenter. The integration also covers updates on the sale progress and document uploads to ProgiPix.

Damaged vehicle parts stay available on the Canadian market for repairs. The sales model discourages car theft.

Our bilingual team is available at all times during office hours. Our team actively supports yours, by following up on files, initiating calls and taking action make progress on files.

ProgiPix is accessible on the web, on a secure platform, so no updates or maintenance are required. Online tools are available 24/7.

For all types of vehicles, recent or older, more or less damaged.

Help documentation and customer support are available. Training sessions may be planned for your team.

Security standards, experienced team…  Get the Progi Edge.
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