For Collision Centres The Progi Suite for Collision Repair Shops

WHEN YOU AIM FOR QUALITY WORK IN A COMPETITIVE INDUSTRY, PERFORMANCE TOOLS ARE KEY. Staying ahead in the auto repair industry is no easy task, but Progi solutions will help you get there, by handling complex operations such as part sourcing, scheduling, etc., so you can focus on you what you do best: repairs.

The scalability of Progi solutions make them a good fit for small independent shops and large franchises alike.

Appointment scheduling

Broadcast your availabilities to insurance companies and vehicle owners, then receive appointments directly in your calendar. Reinvest time spent on the phone into genuine customer care.

(ProgiLog) A client experience worth recommending

An online update for your clients on their repair's progress. It's "client experience" meet "information technology"!

Get insight from your clientele

Distribute a satisfaction survey to your clients, by email or text message, and read their answers.

A step forward in auto parts procurement

Compare and order auto parts from various suppliers, using a single tool.

Let's chat!

A remote or live meeting with us allows you to discover our solutions first-hand, and gives you the opportunity to ask all your questions. We can also discuss your operations and how Progi solutions can help.

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