Locate and Schedule Suppliers

Locate suppliers, schedule appointments for clients and receive follow-ups. ProgiSync enhances effectiveness and traceability.

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ProgiSync Touch Points Diagram

Optimize your referral process

  • Locate preferred vendors (e.g. DRP) and increase your referral rate.
  • Check out repair delay, distance and tow-in acceptance.
  • Inform your client of the repairer’s next availability.
  • Help out with directions using our Google Maps integration.

Optimizing your referral process:

Go further with S/LECT

Integrate with powerful APIs

Hook directly into our APIs and callbacks for a seamless integration. Your agents will be able to interact with our locating and scheduling tools right from your own claim management system (ex. Guidewire).

Book & Monitor

  • Act right at the first notice of loss to shorten cycle time.
  • Schedule an estimate appointment instantly for your client.
  • Alternatively, send an assignment for the appraiser :
    • Either as an appointment to plan, a tow-in or photo assignment.
  • Stay informed of following appointments and their status.

ProgiSync helps claims representatives to reduce phone callsimprove customer service and enhance the overall client experience.

Branded Communications

Branded confirmations and reminders are sent to the client by email and/or text, providing effortless communication and enhancing the customer experience.

Catastrophe Facility Setup

ProgiSync may be used to set up a CAT centre, used when a crisis generates a high claim volume, such as hail storms.

Claim representatives place insured clients in queue while the facility is being setup for mass processing of estimates. Self-booking and reassignment to regular suppliers is possible.


Whether for the client receiving acknowledgements and reminders, for the supplier receiving appointments automatically, and for the insurer receiving follow-up after the appointment… all participants benefit from the process.

Suppliers offered when searching may be selected according to preset rules set by the insurer, and the linear process supports the work of claims representatives.

Appointments and claims may be checked from our monitoring screen. A range of reports is also available to support system management.

A shorter cycle time between the first notice of loss and the appointment with the supplier.

Various integrations are possible with your systems, for easier usage and to reduce double entry. Ask our account managers for more info.

Our bilingual team is available at all times during office hours. Our team is there to support yours.

ProgiSync Appointments is available on the web, on a secure platform, so no maintenance or updates are required. Available 24/7.

Electronic communications to the supplier and client contribute to reduce the call volume processed by claims representatives and the monitoring they have to do. They can concentrate on adding value for the insured client.

Help documentation and customer support are available. Training sessions may be planned with you for your team.

Security standards, experienced team…  Get the Progi Edge.

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