A Winning Customer Experience

ProgiLog is used to share the progress on the vehicle with the insured. An online file shows relevant information and photos, offering clients exclusive access to repairs.

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Hang up the Phone

The vehicle owner and the claims representative can monitor the progress at their convenience, while the collision repair shop can update the file at its own. Even a client who does not call to inquire about the repairs will appreciate receiving a follow-up. It is an attentive experience that will result in recommendations.

Say goodbye to phone calls.
Better time management for everyone.

Informed Customers

Repair steps are shown and an expected delivery date can be entered. By keeping them informed of their vehicle’s repair progress, your customers are reassured, have a better understanding of the process, and don’t have to worry.

Communicate Directly

Messages may be added to the file by the claims representative and the repairer.

Email notifications may also be sent to the client with information on new developments.

Photos and Videos

The shop may easily add pictures of the repair to the file with a smartphone. Video clips can also be added.

Certain to captivate your client’s interest, these exclusive previews put their vehicle in the spotlight, turning the repair process into an interactive experience.

Integrated with ProgiSync

Files can be imported from ProgiSync appointments, to avoid double data entry for collision shops. Claims representatives can also access ProgiLog progress reports from their ProgiSync access.


Showcase Your Business

Your logo is displayed on the client’s file, which is personalized with your corporate colours and style, exposing your clients to your own brand image.

We really appreaciate it!

Vehicle owners, regarding their ProgiLog follow-up

Just to say WOW. Very good idea, your website… very innovative. It allows us to better follow up.

Insurance agent, to shop owner using ProgiLog

It clearly demonstrates the respect you have for your clientele.

Vehicle owner, regarding her ProgiLog follow-up

It’s a lot of fun, your online system for following up on repairs with photos and everything else.

Vehicle owner, regarding his ProgiLog follow-up


The client always has access to the information. No need to call you!

“Wow” factor guaranteed!

Thanks to continuous support and information, the client is not left in the dark.

When surveyed about their experience, clients won’t fail to take into account this added value.

Our bilingual team always available during office hours, in case of a problem or to answer your questions.

Tool available online, on a secure platform, so no updates or maintenance are required. Online tools are available 24/7.

A central location for all participants (shop, insurer, client) where to find information.

Help documentation and customer support are available. Training sessions may also be planned for your team.

Security standards, experienced team…  Get the Progi Edge.
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