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ProgiSync Updates is used to keep the insured updated on the vehicle repairs. An online file displays pertinent information, giving the clients an exclusive access to the repair's progress.

Online repair status


Hang up the phone

The vehicle owner and the claims representative can check on the progress at their convenience, while the collision repair shop updates the file at theirs. Even the client who does not call to inquire about the repairs will appreciate getting an update on the work. It is an attentive experience that will result in client recommendations.

Say goodbye to phone calls.
Better time management for everyone.

At the shop border=

Informed clients

The repair steps are shown and a planned delivery date may be entered. By keeping them informed of the repair progress, insureds are reassured, better understand the process and do not have to worry.

The planned steps may be customized to each job by the shop, or preset steps may be determined by the insurance company.

List of repair steps

Communication hub

Messages may be added to the file by the claims representative and the repairer.

Email alerts may also be sent to the client to inform them about file updates.

Message from contact at shop

Photos and videos

The shop may add pictures of the repair to the file using a smartphone. Video clips can also be added.

Sure to captivate the client's interest, these exclusive previews place their vehicle on the spotlight, turning the repair process into an interactive experience.


Easy breezy updating

Many automations are in place to make updating the files quick and easy, such as one-click progress updates and pre-written standard messages. Uploading pictures using a smartphone is as easy as adding a selfie on a social network!

Steps update

Privacy levels

When a message, the claims representative may decide who can view it: the client, the shop and/or only the insurance company.

Controlling which information is published is easy.

Privacy settings

Personalised design

Your logo is displayed on the client's file, along with the repairer's, which is customized with your company colours and style, exposing your client to your own visual branding.

Insurance company branding

On your website

The client's online file may be integrated into your website, adding value to your online presence.

How it works

  • Updates are added
    by the shop and claims representative.
  • Progress, photos and messages
    are displayed on a dedicated webpage,
    accessible by the vehicle owner and insurer.
  • Email alerts
    may be sent to the client when
    new content appears on the page.
Client receiving updates and relaxing


Less phone calls

Enhanced client experience

Higher customer satisfaction


User-friendly platform

Centralized communications


Interested in a complete demonstration? We can plan a live or remote presentation with you.

Training icon


Training is offered to new members. A Progi representative also makes occasional visits to Progi users to offer advice and answer questions.

Help documentation and customer support are also readily available.

Updates icon


ProgiSync Updates is accessible online, so no software update is required. The online tools are available 24/7.

Security icon


Progi holds a SSAE16 certification. Encrypted data and a focus on best practices make ProgiSync Updates a safe choice.