About Us

We are information technology experts. Our business solutions improve communication and workflow, allowing companies to achieve better business performance.

Our History

Founded in 1990, Progi benefited from the diverse expertise of its shareholders and employees to gain recognition from, first the auto recycling industry, then insurance companies, collision repair shops and other partners of these industries.

Our development of software (named ProgiPac) targeting recycling center management and our devotion to our clients gave the business a solid base to establish its reputation. Since then, many innovations and the opening up of new markets -- through projects such as ProgiPix and Online Claim, for insurers and auto recyclers, ProgiParts, ProgiSync and ProgiLog, intended for collision repair shops -- served to boost Progi's steady expansion.

Progi intends to keep customer feedback a priority, whether it be to develop efficient digital solutions... or just to give them a hand, if needed!