Our Living Environment

Formerly home first to the Nouvelliste, then to the CLSC des Forges, the ProgiPlex is now a modern office building, inspired by interior design trends from Montréal, the Silicon Valley and obviously added its own personal touch. Located downtown Trois-Rivières, the new offices are close to shops and boast their own parking space. The building was purchased to support the company’s amazingly rapid growth while keeping the future one in mind.

The offices, all glass and opened, are also a sign of transparency, of our open-mindedness, and of the importance of teamwork and collaboration. Here, the door is always opened. It is more than a working environment, it’s a living environment!

Jean-François PotvinJean-François Potvin, Progi

Social Activities

Team spirit is developped in the everyday… but building relationships outside the office counts, too. At Progi, the social side of things is integrated in our company culture, and activities are regularly organized to bring coworkers together and celebrate. Whether it’s Holiday parties, picnics, Halloween at work, pot-luckshappy hours, lunchtime yoga, or giving our time together during ProgiDonates, Progiciens are a social bunch.