Our Mission

Excel so our clients may excel.

We are information technology experts. Our business solutions improve communication and workflow, allowing companies to achieve better business performance.

Our Vision

Our Values


Kelmys Quijada

Do the best work possible, respect standards and participate in planned activities.

Kelmys Quijada, Programming
Patrick Dubé

For me commitment is dedication to the company, being positive about it and make its values shine.

Patrick Dubé, Programming
Jean-François Potvin

Commitment, for me, it’s contributing to our clients’ and our company’s success through our continued efforts every day and the quality of our products!

Jean-François Potvin, Functional analysis

Team work

Judy Savoie

Each department has a reason to be, everyone is involved in every project. If a department or someone is absent, everyone else feels the impact.

Judy Savoie, Customer service
Émilie Blanchette

Everyone bring a vision and different skills to the team, which allows us to refine our ideas, fusion them and find the best solutions. When a development is coming to term, we have all pitched in, which makes the final result richer.

Émilie Blanchette, Design


Alexandre Rocheleau

Innovation is the will to always improve, for our products but also our work methods. It’s not only comparing ourselves and getting inspired by best practices, it’s also wanting to go further, not being afraid to pave the way and becoming a pioneer in our field of expertise.

Alexandre Rocheleau, Marketing

Innovation is a collective effort, it’s constant team work.

Frédéric Couture, Customer service
Kelmys Quijada

Always searching for the best tools and work methods to use at Progi, so as to improve our products.

Kelmys Quijada, Programming
Émilie Blanchette

Our dedication to innovation powers the business’ constant growth. It pushes us to renew and evolve every day.

Émilie Blanchette, Design


Excellence is the continued effort to improve to reach this excellence standard.

Mylène Tremblay, Human relations
Alexandre Rocheleau

It’s a value that comes up every day to get us out of our comfort zone and to continuously raise our expectations towards ourselves.

Alexandre Rocheleau, Marketing

A love for work

Nathalie Dupont

Loving one’s work is important. When we make sure you love your job, that you are on your X mark, everyone wins, and the positive impact is reflected in all other areas of your life.

Nathalie Dupont, Human relations
Émilie Blanchette

Love for my work, I find it in these small moments when, absorbed in a task, I manage to accomplish something new or when, piece by piece, a project takes form before my eyes. It’s also when I cross the finish line in a project I’m proud of, whether internal or external.

Émilie Blanchette, Design
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