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CSAE 3416  –  SSAE18  –  AT101

Security Audits

These standards demonstrate the integrity of internal control processes at a service organization.

The audits verify the company’s safety policy, logical and physical access to the programming environment, data privacy, IT infrastructure operations, backups, human resources, training, hiring process, and physical safety and risk management.

Privacy Policy

Read our complete
privacy policy.

And our efforts towards web accessibility.

In-House Development

We develop our own source code, which we can customize and adapt for maximum flexibility.

Deployment Experience

National deployment of our parts procurement and appointment booking platforms made us field leaders in Canada.


We offer a full range of solutions across the automobile and insurance industry.

Sustainable Development Policy

Progi is a responsible company that takes the environment, economy and collectivity at heart. As such, Progi associates with people and organizations that share the same sustainable development related values.

  • Protecting ecosystems and biodiversity condition socio-economic activities. Decision and actions reflect the will to maintain the ecosystems’ contribution to the Canadians’ safety and quality of life.

  • Economic development. Buying Canadian, entrepreneurship and innovation are the foundations of a strong and diversified economy.

  • Empowering communities and individuals. People with fewer opportunities for success need a stepping stone to reach equal levels of comfort and success as others.

General Guidelines

  • Support efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.

  • Regional player for the Mauricie youths.

  • Associate with organizations that share our sustainable development related values.


  • Develop tools and processes that enable optimal logistics for the transportation of total loss vehicles. With the help of its ProgiPix network, Progi contributes to recycling 35,000 vehicles per year in Canada. We create tools and change our process to optimize the travelling distances for bringing vehicles to recycling centres.

  • When partnering with an organization, Progi will use a personalized assessment process to make sure that they share the same sustainable development related values.

  • ProgiDonation: Progi is committed to contributing to academic success in its community by helping school staff, youth organizations and by motivating youths with learning disabilities or who live in an environment that doesn’t foster academic success. Progi has partnered with TREM to support their activities.

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