Satisfaction Survey

Managing the distribution of a satisfaction survey, ProgiFeedback brings you a better understanding of your clientele.
Surveys can be sent by email or text, as well as offered directly on-site, on an electronic tablet.

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Easy and Practical for the Client

The client can complete the survey on site using an electronic tablet or receive the survey by email or text message at any time of the day!

Improvement Opportunity

Alerts are sent when a client is not satisfied. This offers an opportunity to correct the situation quickly.

ProgiSync Feedback survey sample

Standardized Measure of Satisfaction

Networks using the platform benefit from a standardized measure and offer an equal opportunity to members to improve their rate.

Compiled results help build better retention strategies.

From the Industry

Excellent Business Decisions
“ProgiFeedback allows us to take excellent business decisions. With the actions we took, our satisfaction level has highly improved, so much so that now we are not satisfied if we don’t get 10/10! »

Milèna Daisy Levesque, controller, Carrossier CarrXpert Jacques Levesque inc.

Immediate Feedback
“With ProgiFeedback, we know right away if the client is happy. We challenge ourselves continually. It’s so efficient and it helped us a lot. I recommend it to all collision centres.”

Richard Allard, Desmeules Carrosserie

Quick And Efficient
“I recommend ProgiFeedback to all collision centres. It’s a quick and efficient way to measure your clients’ satisfaction.»

Véronique L’Hébreux, Expert Carrossier Rive-Sud

High Answer Rate
“The difference is astounding; as soon as we implemented this good practice, it had immediate benefits in terms of response rate which has almost reached 100% with this strategy. I am satisfied with this product and I would recommend it to any repair shop looking for an efficient method to survey their clients’ satisfaction.”


A one-click access by email, text, tablet or computer, at their convenience, encourages customers to complete the survey.

This digital survey eliminates paper. No need to transfer or recompile information.

All results are available on the same platform.

Your logo and colours are applied on the digital survey. The client is exposed to your image.

Using the Progi Assistant, the file’s data can be imported from the estimate.

Documentation and customer support are available. Webinars are also offered regularly.

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