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Progi's HQ will soon relocate!
Meanwhile, ProgiLog keeps everyone updated on the renos at the new building.   Follow the renos

Study of Progi users – Winner announced

In August, Progi ran a study targeted at product users, with the objectives of learning more about product users in the context of their work and evaluating their appreciation of Progi products. Response rates have been wonderful; we want to … Continue reading

ProgiPac – Software Update 81.4

Please review the following document for technical information on changes as well as the activation code: Update 81.4 information (French, PDF format).

Progi acquires a new building

It’s official! Progi now owns the building at 500 Saint-Georges St. in Trois-Rivières. Progi will relocate its headquarters to the second floor of the Saint-Georges St. building, after extensive renovations which will tailor the space to Progi’s needs. Since the … Continue reading