For Auto Recyclers The Progi Suite for Auto Recyclers

SINCE YOU CAN'T ORDER RECYCLED PARTS FROM A CATALOG, YOU CANNOT MANAGE THEM LIKE OTHER PRODUCTS. Progi was initially founded by people working in the auto recycling business, who needed custom tools for their operations.

Our tools are designed based on the input from real auto recyclers, to meet their specific needs.

A source of salvaged vehicles

The ProgiPix network manages the sale of total loss and theft-recovered vehicles from insurance companies, through online bidding.

Recycled auto parts locator

Auto recyclers find and sell used auto parts by connecting their inventory data with other recycling yards.

Recycling yard management system

A central management system for your inventory, accounting, performance analysis, etc. Specialized modules for recycled and aftermarket parts."

Auto parts sales to collision shops

A digital platform for quoting and selling auto parts to collision repair centres.

Let's meet!

A live meeting with us allows you to discover our solutions first-hand, with live demonstrations and the chance to ask all your questions. We can also discuss your operations and how Progi solutions may be adapted for a smooth integration.

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