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Auto Parts Suppliers

Tackling everything from inventory management to accounting, phone logging and performance analysis, ProgiPac can handle used OEM parts as well as new aftermarket parts.

For auto recyclers and aftermarket vendors alike!

About ProgiPac

ProgiPac is a multi-company platform for the digital management of your auto parts sales business. Modules are available for auto recycling and new aftermarket parts.

Multiple features include inventory management, accounting, phone logs, performance reports... and the list goes on!

ProgiPac was designed in collaboration with auto recyclers and aftermarket part suppliers, making it a true real-world digital solution.

  • ProgiPac, combined with the ProgiCom network, is a strong tool for recycling centers.

    Yvon Hamel, Hamel pièces d'auto

  • The flexibility of the ProgiPac software supports the growth of recycling centers oriented towards the future.

    Dany Rousseau, Brassard pièces d'autos

  • What makes this software a quality product, it is that ProgiPac really listens to their clients.

    Benoît Labrie, Centre de recyclage Universel


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