Progi Training Program
for collision shops

Progi offers basic and advanced courses for collision shop managers and owners. Through this training, they will acquire skills to optimize their production and introduce continuous improvement principles in their workshop.



Collision Shop Management Improvement


3 half-day courses over one term

Group of 8 to 10 people




4 one-day course sessions over one year.

Group of 5 to 10 people


  • Operational Planning

  • Appraisal Process

  • Parts Procurement

  • Sales

  • Performance measurement

  • Continuous improvement

I jumped into the ProgiElite adventure with my two partners Yves and Kathleen.

We got to meet Charles and a group of amazing bodybuilders who helped us grow.

With ProgiElite and ProgiPlanning, we’ve gone from 1.6 to 3.2 million in turnover in one year, while improving our profit margins.

Not only did best practices help me to become a very successful entrepreneur when the market is normal, but the program also helped me to better adapt to extraordinary circumstances such as COVID-19 or the current parts shortage.

Thanks to Progi, this experience that changed our lives as bodywork contractors.

Jean-Ian Boissonneault, ProColor Val-Bélair owner and ProgiElite graduate, June 15, 2022

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