Assignment and Scheduling

With ProgiSync, insurance companies send you assignments and book estimate appointments instantly for their clients. The platform handles all client appointments, providing email and text confirmation and reminders.

Multiple Service Types

Multiple employees, multiple types of servicesclosed days and vacation schedules? ProgiSync can handle them.

Various types of calendars are offered.

Appointments may be received from the insurer or from a website widget, or you may add them to your calendar.

Plan vehicle drop-offs for your clients starting repairs.

Coordinate vehicle deliveries for better time management.

On Your Website

It is possible to integrate ProgiSync into your website, allowing your clients (insurers and individuals) to make an appointment directly from your corporate website, 24/7.

Client Communications

Appointment confirmations and reminders are sent to the client by email and/or text, providing effortless communication and enhancing the customer experience.


Take charge of your schedule with a custom tool.

Appointments booked directly in your account. Confirmations and text reminders for clients. Digital follow-up. A lot less time on the phone!

Find past appointment information easily. Excel reports are also available.

A central location to receive appointments from various sources (insurer, client, web) simplifies management.

This tool was designed to be easy to use, with quick access to information.

Available on the web, on a secure platform, so no updates or maintenance are required. Available 24/7.

Help documentation and customer support are available. Webinars are also offered periodically.

Our team is available for technical support when needed. Contact us!



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