The 2020s brought its share of surprises. COVID-19 hit us hard. There was no work left in the market. Once things gradually returned to normal, delays to get parts were endless.

Then the pandemic subsided, some collision shops closed down and the labour shortage hit. As a result, the market is full of work in 2023, and waiting times for repairs are impressive.

The average person, who usually only wants to do small rust jobs in your shops, has fewer and fewer options. Big collision shops no longer want to paint, no longer want to repair for individuals. But individuals are sticking to their old cars, because dealer forecourts are empty and household costs have skyrocketed. Changing cars has become a luxury lately.

Winter is just around the corner. Your order books are often already impressive, even before the first snowflake has touched the ground.

My real question is: you have a lot of work, but do you have good profit margins? If your answer is no, or not enough, you need to change that right now. This specific moment in our market is an opportunity to build yourself as a professional for decades to come, and could enable you to guarantee the financial health of your collision shop… if you approach it wisely!

A golden opportunity

Efficient capacity planning has never paid off more than it does today. If your collision shop could undertake and complete more repairs with the same team, your profitability would skyrocket in the coming months and years.

This opportunity won’t last forever. It’s time to take the bull by the horns now, and start improving your processes without delay.

Effective capacity planning will give you all the tools you need to seize this opportunity.

How to earn more in an already winning situation?

If you like being successful and getting the best from a situation, there are two solutions available to you right now:

  1. Use ProgiPlanning in your collision shop: you will see positive results in just a few weeks.
  2. Enrol in our collision shop school: a session starts in November to celebrate Capacity Month.

If you are interested, contact us here now!


Author: Alexandre Rocheleau
Script editing: Nelson Guilbert
Translation: Krystel Henley-Rocheleau
Editing: Krystel Henley-Rocheleau