Hello, I’m Alex from Progi.

November is Capacity Month.

And Capacity Month means time to get ready for the peak season.

Here are three articles on capacity planning to help you prepare.

Collision shop managers, now is the time to familiarize (or refamiliarize) yourself with our golden and platinum rules of shop capacity planning.

Of course, this is also an excellent time to get ProgiPlanning and equip your collision shop with all the tools for success now, before 2024 arrives.

Do you have new managers, new staff to train, or would you like to update some of your own planning skills? We invite you to join our collision shop improvement program, which sheds light on shop objectives, part management and repair planning schedules.

To get ProgiPlanning or register for the school, please contact us here.


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Author: Alexandre Rocheleau
Script editing: Nelson Guilbert
Translation: Krystel Henley-Rocheleau
Editing: Krystel Henley-Rocheleau