Fewer useless walks in the yard

As the cold weather sets in, going to the end of the yard for a bad part is a huge waste of time and energy! With the new method for pre-identifying parts that are not good, the whole team wins.

Start marking bad parts now!

Click on the parts that are not good for sales

Identification de pièces pas bonnes

As soon as a vehicle enters the yard, you can start by identifying which parts are damaged, said not good or to repair.

For this purpose, a thumbs-down feature has been added to part identification. With one click, the part details will fill in automatically: spec 0quantity 0quality P, not shared on ProgiCom, etc. Then click on the “Update parts” button to create the bad parts.

As soon as you give a part the quality P (part to repair), it will be identified as a part not good.

Make clerks’ work easier by excluding bad parts

Recherche de véhicules non identifiés

You may have noticed the recent addition of the thumb down in modal V (unidentified parts) of the parts search. When the clerk consults the unidentified vehicles, he will quickly see parts that are not good for the wanted part (value 1 or +) or other types of parts (value 0).

What a useful tool, not only for finding parts, but also for inventory management.

If you have any questions about how this feature works, please contact Dave Lemieux by phone at 1-866-339-1973, ext. 263, or by email at dlemieux@progi.com.

We thank you for your trust,
The ProgiPac team