The purchase of total loss vehicles from insurers may be the most trustworthy source of raw materials for auto recyclers and their company.

First, dealing with a company such as ProgiPix, which provides units exclusively from insurers, guarantees the resources’ legitimacy. Chattel mortgages are in good standing and the vehicles are not stolen goods. Their origin is known.

Secondly, what you see during the sale is what you get. The vehicles are only documented and photographed, there is no hidden damage, and they are not modified. They come directly from collision centres or pounds and are stored according to the ProgiPix network strict standards. Your purchase will yield no unpleasant surprises.

Thirdly, these vehicles have a good value. Before being declared total loss, they were in good condition and not at the end of their life. This can be seen in the quality of the main parts, but also of the accessories such as tires. Their quality is superior to what you would buy directly at your recycling centre, should that be where you purchase your raw materials.

In comparison, a vehicle of the same year, make and model that an individual may want to sell to a recycling centre would generally be at the end of its life, with many parts completely worn out. The resale potential of such a vehicle is low in terms of possible buyers and market value.

Finally, it is important to purchase right. Purchase raw materials according to your company’s business strategy, for example, refurbishing vehicles for resale, reselling parts on the market, export, etc. Then, when you purchase at the right place, you get added value from your raw material input and it will show in your sales.

Author: Alexandre Rocheleau
Collaboration: Frederic Miceli
Translation: Sophie Larocque
Editing: Émilie Blanchette