Trois-Rivières, February 26, 2021 — Progi, a Trois-Rivières IT firm specializing in the automotive and damage insurance fields has appointed Charles Aubry as major account manager for automotive paint companies in Canada and abroad.

Upon joining Progi three years ago, this automotive parts specialist quickly attracted attention with his down-to-earth ideas to improve productivity in collision shops and the sound advice he gave them at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over time, Charles has forged strong relationships with automotive paint companies, and it is Progi’s hope that this announcement will help establish new contacts with people in the industry to increase collision shops’ performance and sales.

Charles Aubry affirms: “Paint companies are collision shops’ natural allies. It is normal for me to work with them. This relationship benefits collision shop entrepreneurs, and that is what I find most important.”

Progi invites automotive paint companies who wish to collaborate closely with their client collision shops to work with Charles and join efforts in supporting the community of collision shop entrepreneurs.

About Progi

Progi was founded by Trifluvians in the early 1990s and had its first business successes by offering an innovative software solution for automotive parts recyclers. The company now offers a dozen software solutions for the insurance and automotive markets. Progi notably stands out in the field of capacity planning for collision shops thanks to its ProgiPlanning solution.

Progi has nearly 80 employees and this number increases each month. Progi cherishes the audacity of its entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, the adaptation to change and the close relationship with its business networks. The company pursues its mission to let data work for clients by respecting values such as innovation, love of work, commitment, excellence and, of course, teamwork.


Alexandre Rocheleau, marketing manager
Phone number: 819-609-7048