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François Gélinas — Why I am a Progician?

2018 marked my twentieth year as a Progician. When I started at Progi, we had a few products that interacted with a very specific market, and our clients were mainly in Quebec. As a professional, I grew with the company. … Continue reading

Fabien Bourdon—Why I am a Progician ?

I think that being a Progician means interesting technical challenges and working with the best technology. Here I have great challenges. I must push my limits and knowledge to succeed in my projects and I love it. I feel that … Continue reading

Yohan Tierney – Why I am a Progician ?

I am a world champion in the paddling community. I won everything in that sport. I am now ready to reach new heights in the information technologies field. I am quite competitive and I want to succeed. In my opinion, … Continue reading