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Inauguration du ProgiPlex

Official Inauguration of Progi Headquarters

On June 7th, Inc. (Progi) will inaugurate its new offices located at 500 rue Saint-Georges in Trois-Rivières. The company acquired the building last year which is also known for having housed the Nouvelliste and the CLSC des Forges in … Continue reading

ProgiSync Appointments Milestone: Over one million appointments!

WOW! This spring 2017, ProgiSync has reached one million appointments booked at Canadian collision shops via ProgiSync Appointments. This is a significant milestone for the software. It shows its growing popularity. We would like to take advantage of this opportunity to … Continue reading

Progi Presentation Videos from the Gala Radisson

In order to present businesses nominated at the Gala Radisson, the Chambre de commerce et d’industries de Trois-Rivières (CCITR) produced for each a presentation video. Here we share two presentation videos of Progi, which was rewarded twice: first in the Innovation … Continue reading