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Jonathan Milot – Why I became Progician –

I was in the sales field but have reoriented my career as a systems analyst. It was a leap of faith. Fortunately, I was soon trusted and valued at Progi. I was in sales working in turn for Red Bull, … Continue reading

Inauguration ProgiPlex

Photos of the Official Inauguration

Bright sunshine lit our cocktail on June 7, for the official opening of the “ProgiPlex”, our new headquarters. Clients, business partners, employees, family and friends, you were many to come celebrate with us and have a look around. A big … Continue reading

Inauguration du ProgiPlex

Official Inauguration of Progi Headquarters

On June 7th, Inc. (Progi) will inaugurate its new offices located at 500 rue Saint-Georges in Trois-Rivières. The company acquired the building last year which is also known for having housed the Nouvelliste and the CLSC des Forges in … Continue reading