Whether selling new, recycled or aftermarket auto parts, the importance of getting the right information to our buyers remains the same.

Are the parts we sell priced right? Really available? Of the claimed quality?

When these three important factors are wrong, they can cause headaches for your clients and for you. This can also be quite inconvenient for insurers or private individuals.

Did you know that on average, 11% of the new OEM parts prices found in estimate systems are not accurate because the manufacturers don’t update them often enough?

One out of twenty OEM parts proposed by estimate systems* are really out of stock. This impacts a high number of transactions because after all, how many parts does a collision shop need on average per repair file?

Let’s take for example a repairer who is at a crossroads: repair or replace a fender. The seller obviously wants the collision shop to replace the part. The repairer decides based on the price, finding the part affordable, then changes his mind to finally realize that the part is more expensive, and he is also upset for not offering a very good customer experience.

What’s worse is that the repairer finds out that the price has changed only after receiving the part. He must then return it, buy another one, change the production calendar, etc. As for you, you must take back the part, manage transportation and all the paperwork generated by this error. Honestly, this is probably more expensive than simply providing the right information for the parts you are selling.

On top of giving your customers a good service, you prevent them from running everywhere to finish their repairs and you build customer loyalty. This guarantees that they won’t go see if the grass is greener elsewhere since they are content with your business relationship.

Luckily, dear auto part suppliers, you can easily fix this situation by offering your auto body parts on a purchasing platform such as ProgiParts, where your offers will always be accurate and meet the high service standards you wish to offer your clients.

* It is the responsibility of parts vendors to supply estimating systems with solid data and for these systems to publish it. There is no single person responsible, a collective effort must be made to raise the level of accuracy in the industry.

Author: Alexandre Rocheleau
With the collaboration of Patrick Turcotte
Translation: Sophie Larocque