François Gélinas

2018 marked my twentieth year as a Progician. When I started at Progi, we had a few products that interacted with a very specific market, and our clients were mainly in Quebec. As a

professional, I grew with the company. My first task was to implement our solutions at new clients in Ontario.


Today, Progi is a dozen solutions tailored to a diverse clientele from coast to coast. Nowadays, our products are designed for a global market. It is very motivating.


Time showed me that our work paid off. Some of the ideas that we implemented in the early 2000s are still current and have borne impressive projects.


As manager of the programming team, I take part in meeting technological challenges, but also in the human side of Progi. Being with Progicians every day is very rewarding. These people are competent, innovative, passionate and ready to take on challenges.


At Progi, we create innovative technological solutions, but there is more to it. Progi is a lifestyle, our own way of doing things and a strong team.


My name is François Gélinas and this is why I am a Progician.