Trois-Rivières, December 14, 2022 — On December 14, Progi donated money and food items to Moisson Mauricie. Geneviève Marchand, assistant director at Moisson Mauricie, was at Progi’s office to officially receive the donations.

At Progi, charitable activities are called ProgiDonation. At the beginning of December, the Progicians organized a food drive in the form of a friendly competition where, in the spirit of the holidays, 10 teams collected as many donations as possible for Moisson Mauricie.

Presentation of the donation and food items at Progi's offices in Trois-Rivières

Presentation of the donation and food items at Progi’s offices in Trois-Rivières

President Diane Chaîné explains the reason behind the ProgiDonation: “At Progi, we are fortunate to have a healthy organization despite the ups and downs of the economy. However, we know that not everyone is so lucky. The Progicians have decided to donate money and food to those who need it the most and Progi has doubled the amount. It’s also a great opportunity to get together as a team and roll up our sleeves to do something that will help those around us. It is also an opportunity to collaborate with Moisson Mauricie, one of the charitable cornerstones in the region.” Progi thanks the Progicians for their generosity.

Geneviève Marchand of Moisson Mauricie indicates: “Each dollar allows us to distribute twenty-six times its value in food items. With the donation received from Progi, we will be able to distribute $150,150 worth of food. This is fantastic!” Thank you to the entire Progi team for this initiative.

About Progi

Progi is an information technology company founded by Trifluvians in the early 1990s. Its first business success came with an innovative software solution for the auto parts recycler market. Today, the company offers a dozen software solutions for the insurance and automotive markets. ProgiPix has allowed Progi to distinguish itself in the field of online auto auctions. With Progicians in Quebec, Toronto, France and Colombia, the team is close to reaching 100 employees.

Progi cherishes the audacity of its entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, the adaptation to change and the proximity to its business networks. The company pursues its mission to put data to work for clients while respecting the following values: innovation, love of work, commitment, excellence and, of course, teamwork.

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