I think that being a Progician means interesting technical challenges and working with the best technology. Here I have great challenges. I must push my limits and knowledge to succeed in my projects and I love it.

I feel that I play an important role in the realization of projects and I am 100% committed. I also have an entire team that supports me. There is always someone with a new idea or with enough experience to help me with the more complex projects.

This year’s theme at Progi is: Proactivity. This single word has many meanings. It is the attitude needed to create a wow factor for our clients and to anticipate  their needs. We are always striving for excellence and we are on the right track.

To be a Progician is not only work and technology, it is also a nice ambiance and good team spirit. I am always surrounded by people who are  in a good mood. As a young father, family life is important to me. Progi’s flexible work hours let me adapt my schedule to my  family life which is an important “plus” for me.

I am Fabien Bourdon and this is why I am a Progician.