Smart PhonesWhether you are a collision shop, a recycler or other, there are many ways to use smart phones in your business.

First and foremost, your smart phone allows you to receive and read emails instantly (for example, your ProgiPix pick up requests!), which helps you keep in touch with what is happening, even if you have to step out for a short while. For certain types of work, features like the GPS and the calendar (which can sound a reminder at a precise time) are also assets.

Another very practical operation is certainly taking pictures. While a regular digital camera requires to be connected to the computer to transfer images, most smart phones can be setup to backup files on your workstation, through Wi-Fi (ex. iCloud). So when you step into the office, new pictures are automatically copied in a directory on your computer. No effort required! Some services, like ProgiLog, even let you upload the image directly on their website.

And you, how are you using your smart phone on the job? Share your tips in the comments section!