I came to Montreal this past summer with my family. We came from China to start a new life in Canada. It’s a dream I’ve had for a long time because I liked everything I was learning about this beautiful country.

I am an experienced developer and upon my arrival, Progi invited me to discover Trois-Rivières and the ProgiPlex. I was soon charmed by the team’s warm welcome, but also by the calmness and beauty of my town of adoption. Upon visiting Trois-Rivières, I knew that it would be the perfect place to raise my children and build my career.

It is my first winter here and I have never seen so much snow, storms and cold days! I am impressed … and frozen!

Luckily, there is Progi to warm the heart and soul. People here are so welcoming and always ready to help me integrate despite the language and culture gaps. French is a difficult language to learn but I find it so rich and beautiful. My eldest son is already more fluent than I.

In China, people are more reserved and more silent at work. The dynamics are very different and I find it exceptional. Here, Progicians share their ideas, ask for help, readily collaborate and communication is the cornerstone of well-rounded projects.

Being an immigrant has its load of obstacles and unknown, but with efforts and thanks my team, I never lose hope, so each day I am improving in this new work environment and getting used to my new land.

I am Jie Pan and this is why I am a Progician.