Yohan Tierney

I am a world champion in the paddling community. I won everything in that sport. I am now ready to reach new heights in the information technologies field. I am quite competitive and I want to succeed. In my opinion, reaching upper levels of performance, either in sports or business, is done through hard work. Just as with sports, we can’t do business alone. I consider the Progicians a winning team.

As soon as I walked in the ProgiPlex, Progi’s headquarters, I knew I had found a good place. The great care given to the working environment made me soon realize that people here have vision and ambition.

I didn’t sacrifice anything by moving from Montreal to Trois-Rivières. On the contrary, I seized the opportunity to evolve as a person here at Progi. What’s happening here is very powerful.

Because Progi is growing rapidly, we are currently standardizing our processes which will provide a solid base to build on.

Even if I come from a different field, I hope that as a deployment manager, I can contribute even more to Progi. I feel that my skillset, extensive background and leadership may well serve our particular context.

Progicians are a beautiful bunch. They are true champions. It is amazing to be part of the team.

I can’t wait to see what we will achieve in the next couple years.

My name is Yohan Tierney and this is why I am a Progician.