Mylene Tremblay

Because I care for the human side of things, I studied industrial relations and obtained a bachelor’s degree from Université Laval. During my studies, I visited Ubisoft. It was my first contact with the world of information technologies. I soon appreciated how this industry stands in their approach of the work environment. It focuses on people, the ambiance and the daily quality of life. I consider it a great approach to professional life.

I was surprised to find such a company in Trois-Rivières. I had returned to the area to be with my family and friends and to start my young career. There was an opening in human resources for vacation replacement. I know that Progi was a golden opportunity for me.

I am now a human resources advisor for the company. The HR team being quite small, it allows me to grow professionally because I can touch on all aspects my profession. The HR director is an extraordinary business coach. She helps me grow every day.

At Progi, the work environment is friendly and Progicians are always ready to collaborate. Asking questions is never an embarrassing event.

The company is evolving at an amazing speed. Going back a year or two, Progi was practically unknown. It is now a hot topic and a field leader within its industry. Each month, new faces join our team and we are growing steadily.

I am Mylène Tremblay, and the reasons why I am a Progician are simple; the team is cool, the work environment is cool, the general quarters are awesome and it is a dream place to grow professionally in this region.