New ProgiParts serviceA new service is available to ProgiParts users.

Situation: Part not confirmed. It is possible that, following a confirmation request within ProgiParts, one of the parts was not confirmed as available within the next 7 days by any supplier (either O.E.M., recycled or aftermarket).

Action: Advanced search. Your dealership’s O.E.M. network is then notified — either Advantage or Uniparts. Someone from the network will make inquiries regarding the missing part and, if they can find it, will confirm the part to you through ProgiParts.

Result: O.E.M. part found. The O.E.M. network may then confirm the missing part for you within 24 hours after the dealer’s initial response. In this case, please read carefully the supplier’s notes attached to the confirmation for details.

This service is already in function. Since it is offered by the Advantage and Uniparts networks, it does not apply to dealers not members of those networks.