Following the evolution of its company name last September, Progi finalizes the harmonization of its trademarks by officialising new names for its digital solutions. Read the complete release: Press release – Progi New Names 2012-03-28

ProgiPac - Logo
Originally Progi-Pac
The complete digital management solution for the sale of auto parts keeps its original name, with a small change in spelling. ProgiPac is now available in English.

ProgiCom - Logo
Originally Progi-Comm
The recycler network for locating used automotive parts also keeps its original name, oriented toward communication, with an edited spelling.

Originally Phautopak
A network for the sale of total loss and damaged vehicles, ProgiPix adopts the “Pix” suffix, which refers both to the vehicles’ digital pictures (pixels, “pics”) and the selection available to buyers (picks).

ProgiParts (ProgiPièces)
Originally AOS Vision
Used by shops for the cost estimating and ordering of auto parts, ProgiParts’s name clearly establishes the product featured and processed by the platform.

ProgiLog - Logo
Originally LeTracker
This service keeps the client informed during auto repairs. “Log” refers to the systematic registry of completed steps and observations of the follow up data.

View this PDF document: Progi Digital Solutions: New Product Names.

The first product to adopt its new name will be the AOS Vision software, which will become ProgiParts following an update available in Spring 2012. The other solutions will gradually display their new identity during the following months.