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ProgiPix is a flexible supply of salvage and theft recovery vehicles from insurance companies. Auto recyclers also use it to put their used and/or damaged vehicles up for sale.

Salvage vehicle


Smart purchasing decisions

Vehicles picked up by the network are put up for bidding online and restricted to ProgiPix members, who bid on the units that interest them (like an auction).

This allows for better management of your inventory.

Bidding on car

Minimum percentage

When no bid is placed on a vehicle, the vehicle is bought by the recycler who towed and stored it at a percentage of the actual cash value.

This provides the recycler with various types of salvage at an accessible price.

Vehicle price tag

Convenient bidding platform

High demand, recommended and outgoing vehicles are highlighted and bidding is opened 24/7.

Other features include easy transfer of photos to your potential buyers, bid calculation and bids for transport costs.

Vehicle vignette

Collaboration and support

The ProgiPix network is a collaborative effort by auto recyclers to secure a valuable supply source for auto salvage. Yearly meetings and cooperative committees give a voice to all members.

In addition to fellow members, Progi's dedicated customer service, with over 15 years of experience, can be counted on for support in handling any problem or operation.

Progi Customer service

Broadcast your vehicles for sale

Beyond the vehicles sold by insurance companies, ProgiPix also allows auto recyclers to publish their own vehicles for sale, whether they are rebuilder vehicles or simply pre-owned.

Their inventory is offered on the ProgiPix public listings, on the ARPAC website (for ARPAC members), and may also be published on the recycler's own website (check out our website design services for more information on this feature.

Vehicles for sale

How it works

  • Vehicle assignment
    by the insurance company to ProgiPix.
  • Towing and storage
    of the unit by the nearest ProgiPix auto recycler.
  • Vehicle form
    filled out by the recycler storing the vehicle.
  • Bidding period
    once the vehicle is released for sale.
  • Sale
    to the highest bidder.
  • Payment
    and acquisition of the vehicle.


Smart inventory management

Accessible salvage

Dedicated customer service

Collaborative network

User-friendly platform

Dependable support


Interested in a complete demonstration? We can plan a live or remote presentation with you.

Training icon


Training is offered to new members and can be provided occasionnally for new staff. Annual meetings, coupled with email communications throughout the year, also contribute to keeping all members informed of changes, and provide refreshers on regulations if necessary.

Help documentation and customer support are also readily available.

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ProgiPix is accessible online, so no software update is required. The online tools are available 24/7.

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Progi holds a SSAE16 certification. ProgiPix members sign an agreement protecting customer data. Encrypted data and a focus on best practices make ProgiPix a safe choice.