for parts suppliers

This software allows the complete management of an auto parts sales business. Designed for auto recyclers and aftermarket parts suppliers.

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Inventory management

Used auto parts, reconditioned parts and new aftermarket parts (multiple catalogs) are supported. Vehicle management and VIN decoding are integrated.

Elaborate search criteria target the right stocks. Each client's digital shopping carts may be saved for later use, as well as quotes on parts.

Cycle counts (ongoing inventory counting) helps ease the task of inventory taking.

Stocks in inventory

Barcode system

A barcode labelling and scanning system is fully integrated into the software. Label parts and warehouses for fast and accurate inventory taking.

Barcode tools and labels

Requests management

Phone, website and webservice requests are logged and easily traceable, so your memory can take a break.

A great asset for teamwork.

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You operate multiple companies and warehouses? No sweat! ProgiPac neatly keeps tabs on everything, integrating a general ledger, financial statements, client and supplier accounts, tax reports... and more.

The vast set of accounting features has you covered.

Management tools

Complementary tools such as an internal messagingsystem, PDF and Excel exports and data importation (for starting up) are included.

The system is also fully bilingual (English and French).

ProgiPac alerts

Modern platform

ProgiPac is installed on a local server at your business, and operated within a web browser by your team, like a terminal. This makes it accessible on all platforms (Windows, Mac, Android, etc.).

The ergonomic interface and visual processes help make the integration of new employees easier.

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How it works

  • A local server
    houses your central system, with all your data.
  • Workstations access the central server
    to complete every operation,
    using a web browser.
  • A backup system
    keeps a safe copy of your data on a remote site.
ProgiPac server + workstations


Tailored for auto parts sales

Supports recycled and aftermarket parts

Performance analysis module

Extensive set of features




Interested in a complete demonstration? We can plan a live or remote presentation with you.

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In-depth training is offered when you adopt the system. Additional training sessions may be planned later on, for new employees and/or specific jobs and operations, whether at your place of business or at our offices.

A Progi representative makes occasional visits, to check if you have questions and follow up on your experience with Progi products.

Help documentation and customer support are also readily available.

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Please read this document for technical information regarding these changes, as well as the activation code:

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Progi holds a SSAE16 certification.