The Progi team recently participated at the SAAR Fall Conference in Saskatoon, SK where SGI announced they will be transitioning to ProgiSync to manage staff appraisal schedules beginning in spring 2024.

ProgiSync is used by Canadian large-scale auto insurers, including SGI CANADA in regions outside Saskatchewan, as part of their claim intake process. ProgiSync provides both insurance adjusters and customers insights into availability for shop load-leveling (especially during peak periods) and customer choice.

For SGI, the ProgiSync solution will be integrated directly into its new Guidewire workflow and will support new digital channels that will allow SGI to manage claims quickly and efficiently with minimal administrative effort.

The ProgiSync implementation will occur in two phases, with the initial SGI staff appraisal scheduling phase planned for spring 2024. The second implementation phase planned for early 2025 will be used to expand scheduling options to allow customers and adjusters options to book estimates directly with participating accredited shops at First Notice of Loss (FNOL).

Any questions may be directed to Progi Customer Service and/or a Ciaran Downes, SGI Appraisal Services.