Hello, this is Alex from Progi,

As you may know, planning jobs per severity in the shop is quite affected and this impact will most likely last for a while beyond the lockdown period.

The new reality is this: due to the economy’s uncertainty, many people have less money or prefer to save it. Instead of paying their claim’s deductible, they will tolerate the small flaws on their vehicle rather than have them repaired.

This will greatly reduce the number of claims and there will be fewer small or extra small repair jobs available on the market. The need is real, but clients have other priorities for their domestic finances. This is why we recently advised you about cancellations. It is also important to remember that some people must remain on lockdown for different reasons and cannot bring their vehicle to your shop.

Therefore, the medium, large and very large repair jobs will remain available on the market. If you plan per severity, you will most likely need to rethink your schedule. You may need to free about 30% of your capacity for non-drivable vehicles or unplanned repairs. This number will need to be adjusted if you want to remain profitable.

In short, we need to adapt to solve this puzzle. Several questions remain. Do I have the right staff to focus on large jobs? Do employees need training to remain available? How do I organize work at the shop to remain efficient and profitable?

Do we need a strategy to get the smaller jobs on the market? Here is an idea, would offering credit to your clients be an option if you are able to do so?

A tool such as ProgiPlanning can obviously help you find the winning recipe, adjust your team’s pace, plan your upcoming work, see your results, and finally solve this puzzle by managing a mixed capacity (load + severity).

Contact us if you need one of our specialists’ assistance.

We wish you success.

  • Alex and the Progi team