I had the chance to start my career in a major financial institution where I worked in customer service and in programming. I then worked for small IT companies in the Mauricie area where I perfected the art of Web and software development, but the experience didn’t meet my professional ambitions. When I learned about Progi, I soon grasped the company’s potential and the opportunity for me to become a better IT professional.

I was quickly proven right. I was able to participate in the company’s reorganization as they were adapting to a fast growth. That is when we created the DAN* team and I was entrusted with its leadership.

The DAN team is composed of system analysts and UX/UI designers, each with an impressive range of skills. They are very involved and spend massive amounts of energy on designing high quality solutions. I like working with people who are always aiming at the best for clients, products and Progi.

What amazes me at Progi is how big the challenge is. We have a prestigious list of clients. Our decisions impact thousands of people. This is highly motivating.

Progicians are part of an organization that values transparency, integrity and team  work. I love to put my skills and optimism at the service of this team. At Progi, there is no solo or silo work, we all work together toward success. This is why I am a Progician and I invite all IT professionals to take a look at our organization as new opportunities abound in this rapidly growing company.


*design and analysis