Pierre-Benoit Lemire – Why I became a Progician?

I have been working as a programmer for ten years in the beautiful Mauricie/Centre du QuA�bec region. Becoming a Project manager at Progi was a welcome turning point for my career. A�Meanwhile, I became a Progician, and it has been the best professional adventure of my life.

From the moment I met the Progicians, I noticed their pride. They are proud of the business they are building, of their work teams, work space and lifestyle.

I felt they were opened to the unknown, they continuouPierre-BenoA�t Lemire sly challenge themselves to use the IT industrya��s best practices while adapting them to their own style. These were very stimulating encounters from the get go.

Efficient processes are very important to me and here I feel that I am at the right place, where I can also contribute to strengthen the processes in place, bring new ideas and explore new avenues to make us better.

As a project manager, my role is to make sure that we deliver quality projects on schedule, but ita��s more than that. Ita��s a role where humans are my main concern. I not only make sure that projects get delivered but I also ensure the well-being of my colleagues.


I have seen both sides of the medal in my professional life and I have sometimes felt trapped. Here I can put my ideas into practice and bring forth those of my colleagues. At Progi, we love our work and I believe the recipe for our success is that we do things while keeping in mind why we do them.

Life at Progi is more than work well done by happy employees. It the teama��s spectacular sense of hospitality, the pleasure of getting together just for fun!


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