Trois-Rivières, December 1, 2022 — On December 1st, Quebec vehicles sold at the ProgiPix car auction will become available to all buyers with a Canadian operating licence. This change will come with several other initiatives of interest to both vehicle buyers and auto recyclers.

ProgiPix Auto Auction has been owned by Progi since 1998 when it revolutionized the world of traditional auctions towards digital auctions. This auction was notable for the fact that the buyers and operators were all Canadian auto recyclers.

Operations Director Frederic Miceli explains why the business model is changing: “The world moves fast. Markets and technologies occasionally create opportunities. When these opportunities are not seized, they may often become a threat. Our vision has always been to provide a platform designed by and for automotive recyclers and that is the direction we are heading in. We invite new buyers to the table with a desire to create more opportunities for Canadian recyclers.”

Concrete projects are being implemented to serve Canadian recyclers such as the Reserve.

Frederic Miceli adds: “We are piloting a new project in Quebec that will allow recycler buyers to guarantee recycled parts to insurers to help them be more competitive in new markets while inviting these emerging markets to develop on the platform. The goal is for Progi and the Canadian recycling community to move forward together as we have since our founding.”

In addition, ProgiPix will link new buyers to its recycler customers, allowing the latter to offer their services.

To mark this invitation to new types of buyers, Progi is launching a Facebook page, website, and online advertising campaign all dedicated to its auction.

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About Progi

Progi was founded by Trifluvians at the turn of the 1990s and achieved its first business successes by offering an innovative software solution for the auto parts recycler market. Today, the company offers a dozen software solutions for the insurance and automotive markets. ProgiPix has made Progi stand out in the field of digital car auctions.

Progi has nearly 100 employees and the number is growing every month. Progi cherishes the audacity of its entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, the adaptation to change and the proximity to its business networks. The company pursues its mission of letting data work for clients and goes by the following values: innovation, love of work, commitment, excellence and, of course, teamwork.



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