for auto recyclers

This software allows the complete management of an auto parts sales business. Designed for auto recyclers and aftermarket parts suppliers.

Parts searching


Auto part locating

Start a search for a specific part and ProgiCom will list the auto recyclers who have this part in stock, along with their contact information.

Never leave a customer empty-handed!

Stocks in inventory

Parts sale

When you are a member, your inventory is automatically accessible to other recyclers, who can contact you to buy parts for their clients.

This effectively turns competitors into clients.


Messages may be sent to one or many recyclers using ProgiCom. This can be helpful when searching for special parts.

ProgiCom message


ProgiCom is integrated into ProgiPac (both the original and new version), as an extension to regular part searches.

ProgiCom may be connected to ProgiPac, Hollander and Pinnacle inventories.

How it works

  • Inventory data
    is downloaded from each member every day.
  • Recyclers submit searches
    using ProgiPac or an online tool.
  • Progi's server sends back results
    and contact information for each part found.
ProgiCom process


Effective part sourcing

Interesting sale potential


More info

Want to know more? A customer support representative can inform you.

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When joining the network, a Progi customer service representative will show you how ProgiCom works. Our technicians are there to help out if technical issues arise.

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Information to come.

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Progi holds a SSAE16 certification. Encrypted data and a focus on best practices make ProgiCom a safe choice.